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Welcome to Network Prep! We are a Prep Center located in Tax Free Oregon here to help you scale your business by taking the prepping & shipping off your plate!

How does it work?

You simply have your products shipped to our warehouse and we prep/ship it all into your Amazon account for you! By giving us access via User Permissions, we create your entire shipment from start to finish via Inventory Lab/Seller Central. You do not need to worry about creating shipping plans, adding products, etc..Our goal is to make all of that completely hands off for you!

*Base Pricing*

•$1.25/Single Unit (Includes Labels-Polybags-Bubble Wrap-Shipping Boxes)

•$2.25 for Multipacks/Bundles (Up To 5 Items)

•$3.25 for Multipacks/Bundles (6-10 Items)

*Misc. Pricing*

•Sticker Removal-$0.25/Unit

•Funko Pops-$2.25 (Includes Bubble Wrap & Funko Box)

•Shoes-$2.25/Unit (Includes Quality Inspection & Rubber Band for Box Lid)

•Glass Items-$3/Unit



*$2.50/Unit for Merchant Fulfilled Orders (List Your Items MF & We Ship Direct To Your Customer)

*PS..1st 50 Units are 100% Free!

*Volume Discounts*

•$.97 Cents/Unit for 1k-2k Units/Month

•$.85 Cents/Unit for 2k+ Units/Month

(*We do all shipments through Inventory Lab so it is highly recommended to have a subscription)

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